Available Materials

Each of the materials are durable, corrosion resistant, and easy to clean. Below are their few distinguishable characteristic of each material.
• Aluminium: Environmentally friendly
• Stainless Steel: Scratch resistant, most preferred in commercial settings.
• Porcelain: Less expensive and visually preferred.
• Plastic: Light in weight and cheapest.
• Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC): Light in weight and very strong.
• Ceramic: Less expensive and visually preferred. If glazed, it is also stain resistant.
You can have your shower trays set down in screed, or traditionally, you can have them bricked in.

Available Shapes And Sizes


This Pentagonal shower tray takes up minimum floor space and can be neatly installed in the corner of your bathroom. Due to its petite size, it allows separate bath and enclosure.You can find Pentagonal shower trays to be mostly available in [900mm x 900mm] or [1200mm x 900mm].


For those not completely in tune with shapes, you can remember the quadrant shower tray as having two straight edges and a curved front. Homeowners will find it ideal for smaller bathrooms, and apart from finding the quadrant edges less noticeable than that of the square and the rectangle, the quadrant offers slightly more showering space than the pentagonal tray.One may also notice that the tray will not appear as small as it really is once the shower enclosure is installed. Quadrant Shower Trays are mostly available in [900mm x 760mm] or [1000mm x 800mm], whereas offset quadrants are mostly available in [800mm x 800mm] or [900mm x 900mm].


Rectangular shower trays are best suited for large and (usually) modern bathrooms because they offer the largest showering space. Homeowners and renovators that install the tray will often find them best located in the center of the room.The tray is available in many rectangular sizes from [900mm x 700mm] all the way to [1200mm x 900mm].


The square shower tray compliments bathrooms of all shapes and sizes and can be installed in several bathroom locations such as recesses, alcoves, corners, or the middle of the bathroom. As a matter of fact, the main reason they are popular is because they are so versatile.You can find them available in many square sizes from [700mm x 700mm] right up to [1000mm x 1000mm].

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