You bathroom is one of the more important spaces in the entire house. So it should receive just as much attention as your living room and bedrooms when renovating or building.

The room has to serve more than just an area for bathing, brushing your teeth, and doing everything related to your hygiene. With the right design, layout, and styling, your bathroom can be the ideal spot for relaxation and a bit of indulgence. And both qualities will certainly boost the market value of your property.

Here are six bathroom decorating ideas that will help you add space, light, and style:

  1. Add pops of colour in an all-white bathroom.

White walls, white flooring, white sink, toilet, and tub—an all-white bathroom doesn’t just look pristine and, already, relaxing. It also creates more space in a cramped room, while adding more light.

But if you like vibrant palettes, consider adding pops of colour with your shower curtain, cabinetry, or even the tub.

  1. Use glass to separate the shower area.

A glass divider lends modernity to your bathroom. It can also create an illusion of space, opening up the entire room while still separating zones. For more privacy, you can choose frosted or textured glass dividers.

  1. Consider smart storage solutions.

Open under-sink storage with: vintage buckets or wicker baskets; shelving on the mirror; recessed cabinets on both sides of the mirror; floating shelves underneath wall lighting, and recessed cabinets with mirrors. You’ll have plenty of storage options if you just put your mind to it.

  1. Bold typography and graphic art create interesting features.

If you love contemporary art, why not add it to your bathroom? You can have an eye-catching print on one wall, and bold typography over the sink. Keep it inspiring, amusing, or encouraging because those will be the first things you’ll see in the morning and the last ones you’ll look at in the evening.

  1. Save money on accessories or even fixtures from salvaged finds.

A bathroom renovation or construction doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You just have to find the best sources for materials—from your tub and sinks to your cabinetry and lighting. You can check out a flea market, junkyards, or ask your contractor about excess materials from previous construction jobs.

  1. Think into the future when renovating.

Finally, when renovating or building, it’s good to consider what the future holds for your property. Do you intend to resell or rent it out? If you plan to pass the house on to buyers or tenants, think about pulling back a bit on the styling.

A heavily customised bathroom might turn off a few buyers or tenants. When in doubt, keep the colours monochromatic or toned down and use removable accessories that reflect your preference.


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