Sometimes if you have a small house or live in an apartment it’s more convenient to have a smaller bathroom renovation. However, just because it is small, it does not mean that it has to look small. There are a variety of options to make it look bigger, and we can guarantee you won’t need to take a sledge hammer to the wall to make it happen.

The options you should consider are your
– tiles
– splashbacks
– vanities

Tiles: the lighter the better

For the spacious look, we advise that you go with light coloured ceramic tiles. Once you have them glazed, you can expect the light to reflect better across your bathroom walls. Some of the advantages of having a tiled bathroom is them being

– hard wearing
– practical against humidity
– can be tiled over existing floor tiles
Beware that tilers will charge for the removal of any existing tiles.


The two types of splashbacks most efficient for a spacious look and feel are the glass splashback, and the acrylic splashback. While both of them can be used as an alternative to tiles, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

the most favored splashback and a great alternative to tiles. While more expensive than tiles or most other splashbacks, it is absolutely worth the installation, it will

– Add light to the atmosphere
– Be easy to clean and maintain
– Not require grouting
– Have few to no joins
On the other hand, they require a lot of care. Once the splashback is fabricated, it can no longer be altered.

One thing we truly love about acrylic is that they come in sheets, this way we can cut and colour depending on the bathrooms requirements. It’s other well-known advantage is just how good an alternative it is to glass, as it is:

– stronger than glass
– lighter than glass (weighing half as much)
– cheaper than glass
– impact resistant
– can be painted before and after installation
This however, is not an invitation to buy cheap acrylics as they will crack over time.

Vanities: go modern, be minimalistic:

Nowadays, people have more of an idea of what their needs and options are, and so it is not at all uncommon to have designers creating new types of vanities to suit all kinds of requirements. So in this case, if it is a spacious looking bathroom, your specifications may involve
– vanity mounted to the wall or;
– choosing glass shelf if deciding to use shelf vanities
– cabinet not touching the floor
– medicine and any other additional cabinets mounted next to the top of the mirror
– sink in-built to the vanity
– minimum sized drawers; roughly >35cm width, >15cm height, length not so much an issue
The great thing about vanities is that when they are so small, the colour will not affect the spacious look you are after.

All the small things:

It’s amazing how these small things in your bathroom take up so little space, but can get in your way and somehow shrink your bathroom. Here is a list of things you may not even have thought of because you never previously noticed.
– Move the laundry basket out, maybe move it in the laundry
– Keep toothbrushes in a plastic capsule and in your drawer, along with the hairbrush and makeup
– Are the perfumes and figurines necessary for display? Put them away
– If the towel is dry, hook it behind the door – it doesn’t need to be seen
– Hand towels next to the sink are neat and convenient, but they take up space.
Visually, our perception of space is dependent on how clearly we can see the ends of the room. Typically, if there are obstacles or interruptions within our line of vision, we tend to subconsciously mark our own perimeters of the room and thereby shape our own perception. If you ever go to a bathroom show room, you will notice that the displayed bathrooms are always empty and thereby spacious looking even though they are almost always small. Something to think about.

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