Yes, whether you need a new cupboard or are undergoing a kitchen renovation, a reputable cabinet makers use more expensive materials and thereby charge more.

Why should you choose a reputable cabinet maker? Read on, and you’ll be more than happy to.

Like all tradesmen, cabinet makers can only have a positive reputation as a result of their previous work. Clients are often willing to give public feedback on message boards and social media tools. Just as well, customers are willing to tell their friends about the quality of a cabinet maker’s work. Word-of-mouth has many times proven to be more powerful than advertising. Understandably, customers that have concerns due to previous experiences are reluctant to try lesser known companies.

Level of Standard
The level of standard is the lowest legal requirement needed to get the job done. Cabinet makers that have become well known for providing high quality work will normally strive to keep that reputation, above the level of standard. Tradesmen with little motive will merely try and get the job done quicker, at the level of standard, and sometimes below.

Those small extra things
A lot of cabinets look great when they have just been finished, but time and wear soon determine a cabinet’s true quality.

You look at a regular cabinet. A bit of paint is chipped off at the door corners. One door is solid and stable, while the other swings wide open if you don’t push it closed in place. The nails in the base of a drawer are weak and of dismal quality, and so the base sags and makes it difficult to open and close the drawer. What was supposed to be a pretty copper handle of a drawer is suddenly torn off when you try and open the drawer in a bit of a rush.

All of these minor (yet noticeable) flaws prove to be great nuisances when you have had this cabinet for a few years. Who would have known this would happen. The one who built it; the one that chose what materials (nails, wood, handles etc.) were going to be used.

The Circle of Quality
A reputable cabinet maker is known for producing high quality cabinets. To make them, they need the correct materials. The materials used to build a high quality cabinet will often cost more. To have those materials and be able to order more of them, they will charge more for their cabinets, and customers have paid for those cabinets because they are of high quality. In the strictest sense, if you want quality, you get what you pay for.

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