Whether you have a small kitchen, or you just want more space for the dining / lounge area, there are very simple ways to minimise your kitchen size and add space to your home.

By rule of thumb, the available space in your kitchen will mostly depend on your cabinets, not only their size, but location. Regardless of your kitchen style, it is always good to have a hanging cabinet. Simply being, a hanging cabinet above your kitchen bench and next to the range hood can affect whether you are able to store your refrigerator in the kitchen, or having to store it in the pantry/laundry.

The great thing about the latest kitchen cabinets is that there are no limitations as to how a cabinet appears, is shaped, or even what angle the cookware is stored. It is very common to see cabinets expertly compiled together (like LEGO blocks) around the kitchen to fit around bench tops, range hoods, and windows. Simply put, modern designs are designed to be whatever you need them to be.

Use a Dish Drawer
While each of the kitchen styles do offer various cabinet designs, they can still take up space when you are using them to store the dishes, cups, and silverware. If you currently have enough space to store cutlery away in a complimentary manner, change nothing. But if you want more space, or would just prefer dishes to not be seen, rely on a dish drawer – they can be installed to under the sink, next to the bench top, or even wall mounted. Dish drawer owners often like to say, “We can put our dishes away dirty”.

Think about your Kitchen Style

Many first time renovators often choose a modern kitchen. It’s not a bad choice as it is very sleek and designed to accommodate all sorts of requirements. As well as a strong emphasis on colours and lighting, renovators can save space by implementing the variety of cabinets, corner units, and appliances strategically placed to give your kitchen a spacious surrounding.

Traditional kitchens are known for their rich and luxurious look, its opulent colours and decorative mouldings add detail to a timeless product. Because it is a style rather than a trend, it will fit well with most Australian homes, as the original character of the house stays preserved. While a traditional kitchen is often favoured amongst experienced renovators, you must be aware of its limitations, and that is that a lot of modern appliances may look out of place, such as the latest dishwashers, refrigerators, and cooktops.

The contemporary kitchen has straight sleek lines or long bending curves, accommodating modern appliances without compromising the timeless beauty of your home. Its monochromatic colour scheme will provide for a lustrous appearance, whilst still providing the functionality and low maintenance of a modern kitchen. In a contemporary setting, it is not at all uncommon to have your kitchen sink next to your dishwasher, oven, and cabinets joined to your fridge while all other cabinets are mounted above. This setting is ideal for small kitchens, allowing children and other family members to walk through the kitchen without causing any distraction.

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