There are various kitchen installation companies out there. Before we answer the above question, lets first address – “what do kitchen installation companies do?”.

Cabinet Makers (also called kitchen installers) tend to do the following:

1. Visit your home and measure up your kitchen space.

2. Work on a design with you that incorporates your kitchen layout, color schemes, storage and appliance requirements.

3. Manufacture and install your kitchen cabinets. Sometimes they will also do the same for your benchtop and splashback of choice.

What don’t they usually do?

4. Strip out your existing kitchen, take out walls, brick up windows and relocate your services to fit in with the new kitchen design.

5. Fit off your electrical and plumbing services after the benchtops have been installed. Install any flooring, tiling, ceilings, cornices etc.

So, with that in mind….. here are 4 top tips for choosing a good cabinet maker?

1. Look for good customer service. Are they returning your calls? Do they keep their appointments? Do they have designs with you on time? Are their designers friendly and courteous?

2. Is it a reputable company? Look out for industry awards and don’t be shy to visit their showroom if they have one.  Ask for customer references and follow up on them.

3. Do the ideas of their designers excite you? The designers should be passionate and be full of recommendations. You might always like all their ideas, but that is ok. It is part of working towards a good design.

4. How many people will you deal with? A good kitchen company should have 2 people that customers interact with – the designer and the installer. Ask about this and ask to meet the installer. These parties should leave a lasting professional impression with you.

5. Does the price tag reflect the service and product on offer? Make sure that you know exactly what is on offer. Do they use their own installers? Do they project manage the renovation process? Does it all come with a guarantee?

It goes without saying that not all cabinet makers and kitchen companies are created equal. Find out what they do. Find out what you have to do….. then stick to the 5 top tips. Good Luck!

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