The shower screen in your bathroom is something that you’re likely to look at, open and close every day. You, or somebody else, will also have to clean it from time to time. This means you should give both its appearance and functionality proper consideration before installing it. Knowing your options in advance, and how they fit your tastes and your lifestyle, will help narrow down your choices when selecting a shower screen.



What Shape is the Shower?

new-angleYour shower screen may be a simple square or rectangular shape. This configuration allows for the most bathing space. If, however, you are looking to save space, you may want to consider placing a neo-angle shower screen in the corner of your bathroom. Neo-angle showers typically contain a single door placed in the centre and installed to open to the left or right depending upon the layout of the bathroom. A curved screen can be installed in a corner in order to save space.







Frame or Frameless?Framed-shower-enclosure

A framed shower screen utilises a metal outer frame to hold up thin glass and secure it to the adjacent wall. The colour and finish of the metal frame can match the finish of the hardware in the rest of the bathroom. Where the frame meets the glass, however, can be a place for soap scum and hard water residue to collect, creating a cleaning concern.
Frameless-Pivot-Glass-Shower-DoorsFrameless shower screens do not require the support of a frame because they are made of thicker glass. They are secured to the wall by small but sturdy metal wall mounts. The resulting product offers a sleeker, more modern look than a framed enclosure, as well as a surface that is more easily cleaned. Additionally, frameless shower screens can be customized to meet specific dimensions or shapes. Frameless shower screens, however, are typically more expensive than framed versions.






What About the Doors?

curved shower doorYour shower screen door can open into your bathroom or into the shower area. If neither is an option, consider sliding doors, where two doors slide past each other on a track and require no additional space.

How do the doors open? If not sliding doors, you can use traditional hinges where the shower doors open like most of the other doors in your house.

The pivot hinge is a more modern option that, when mounted on the left- or right-hand side of the door allows it to pivot 180 degrees into the shower or out into the bathroom. A centre mounted pivot hinge enables the door to pivot 360 degrees.





What Type of Glass is Best?Glass-Shower-Enclosure-etched-glass-design

Depending on the level of privacy you are looking for in your shower and the style you are after, you can select
clear, etched or frosted glass. It can also be textured or patterned to add interest. You may not want glass at all. Acrylic shower screens are available in a variety of colours, including clear. These are not as durable as glass, however, and require special cleaners so that they don’t discolour.





etched_glass_shower_doors_bonita_springsWhether you have taken on a full gut renovation of your bathroom or are simply looking to quickly freshen up its look, the right shower screen will add style and functionality to the space. Take the time to find the one that fits your personal taste and your lifestyle requirements and you will be happy you did every time you shower.