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Our Home renovations in Perth and project scopes are very comprehensive. We invest a lot time to ensure that every “t” is crossed and every “I” is dotted. If a renovation item cannot be quantified (common with old houses), we would flag it in the project scope.

That way you receive a fixed price and that price is honoured. We find that 9 out of 10 variations on our projects are changes from the client, usually associated with additional work around the house.

Most renovation works are second fixing items. The Building Regulations Act draws the conclusion that unless the improvement works are of a structural nature, there is no need for a building permit. Therefore, if you are planning on taking out an internal wall (the most common structural work), then we will have to prepare a building permit application by getting your existing house plans marked up by a structural engineer and submitting them to council for approval.

There is no need to be at home to open up for trades. Most clients let us have the house keys so that we can manage the work accordingly. Some clients decide to move out temporarily, especially with the full home renovations if the bathrooms are impacted. Usually with a single area project like a kitchen, clients tend to stay at home, taking advantage the odd dinner out and the backyard bbq.

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