The decision to invest in a traditional style or contemporary kitchen depends on a range of factors.

Whenever clients choose to do a kitchen renovation, their decision is motivated by 2 factors:

1. Adding value to the kitchen to boost the value of the property, or
2. Adding a functional space that suits their lifestyle and personal taste for years to come.

We therefore recommend that if you keep in mind the resale value of your kitchen investment to a potential home buyer, without completely disregarding your personal taste, you should end up with a product that suits both you and future purchasers.

Another ruling factor to consider when making this decision is the style and age of your home. Farm and country style kitchens traditionally look better in period homes. The reason for this is that the cabinet mouldings are complimented by the architectural features picked up by the plaster mouldings, floors and furniture throughout the home. This is not always the case however. We have seen beautiful contemporary kitchens working well in a traditional home, but it is a good rule of thumb.You also want to consider not only the architectural style of the cabinets, but also the colour. Colour schemes are essential when bringing a particular look and feel to your kitchen. Contemporary cabinets and bench tops come in a range of assorted colours. It is therefore a lot more versatile, especially if you want to style a kitchen in a certain way upon completion.

The final factor is you budget. Country style kitchens are traditionally more expensive. Why? It all comes down to supply and demand. The new home market is completely geared at satisfying the demand for a slick, minimal and clean kitchen look – aka a contemporary kitchen.

Remember to have fun with your new kitchen renovation and get a good kitchen planner or cabinet maker to design it up for you. The reward is always in good planning!

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