What should I consider when choosing a shower head?

Some of the basic things to consider when choosing a shower head are the preferences of the ones using it, such as the wideness of the stream, the pressure of the shower, and the height. Down the track, you may even decide you want special modifications such as effects that make the water feel like rain or a waterfall, or perhaps have lighting to set a mood. Whatever the case, there are plenty of options for you to match with your preferences.

When looking at the type of shower heads, the most basic categories can be fixed (connected to the wall) and hand-held shower heads (connected to a hose). Hand-held shower heads are useful for washing children or to be used by people with disabilities. Alternatively, people have used them to clean corners of baths, shower cubicles, and nearby tiles.

Ideally, you could have a fixed shower head installed above head height, and the hand-held shower head installed at waist-height. Together, they would both be available for use while operating separately, meaning you could use one at a time, or both.

The performance of a shower head is based on a few small aspects. The pressure of the water varies in the suitability of those using it. High pressure water is certainly affective for removing dirt such as sand from the beach or mud, but it is very uncomfortable on the skin of children and the elderly.

It would be advantageous to choose a shower head with in-built pressure channels. This way anyone using the shower will be able to adjust it to their liking. For instance, a shower head with in-built pressure channels might have rubber switches on the sides that merely require a squeeze to change pressures.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong type of shower head as the selection is based entirely on preferences, but the goal is to match the type with everyone’s preferences in the household.

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