You may think wallpaper is a dated concept. You may have spent hours and hours scraping it off the walls of your home. Before you jump to any conclusions, however, you may want to take a look at what manufacturers and designers are dong with wallpaper today. It’s being installed in homes that range from the most traditional to the ultramodern. It can be used not only to add colour and patterns to otherwise plain walls, but it can also bring texture into a home. You can even make it part of your lighting plan with wallpaper that has LED lights embedded into it!


The style of wallpaper you choose is only part of the story. How and where you use it will go a long way towards determining the impact wallpaper can have on your home design. The options go far beyond simply covering all four walls of a room in paper.

Accent Wall

bedroom-wallpaper-accent-wall-1-designsCreating an accent wall is a time-honored technique used by designers to draw the eye to a certain part of a room, highlight an architectural feature or add some drama to an otherwise drab space. Wallpaper opens up a world of options for accent walls that simply can not be achieved with paint alone. If you find a pattern that you love, but can’t picture it throughout the entire room, put it on only one wall. Still too much? Choose a wall that’s out-of-the-way or one that you don’t look at as often like the one behind your bed’s headboard.




Framed Wallpaperframeddining

The patterns on some wallpapers are so beautiful and intricate, they are, literally works of art. Why not treat them that way and frame out sections of wallpaper with moulding. Think outside the box here. You can use a beautifully patterned wallpaper, but maps of the places you’ve visited, whether historic or modern make very attractive wallpaper, as do the pages of your favorite book.




Faux-Wainscoting-WallpaperWallpaper installed on the bottom third of a wall can create a dramatic wainscoting. Patterned wallpaper can be especially useful here. You can choose to add colour as well as texture or texture alone with a white wallpaper and white walls. Run a strip of chair rail moulding along the top of the wallpaper an you’ll create a beautiful effect much more easily than you could by installing wood wainscoting.





Shelving Accentwpshelving

Adding a dramatic backdrop behind shelving, whether built-in or freestanding is a great way to draw attention the items stored on those shelves. You could opt to simply use a contrasting paint colour here, but wallpaper, once again, opens up a world of options. It’s a great opportunity to experiment with wallpaper without making the big commitment of covering an entire wall.



Transitional Spaces

modern-staircaseWallpaper can be particularly impactful in transitional spaces like stairwells and hallways. In many cases, the stairwell is the most vertically visible space in the home. This creates an opportunity to add drama with bold patterns and colours. In long hallways with vast, uninterrupted spaces, large, bold patterns add drama. In smaller hallways where the wall space is broken up by a series of close-together doors, a smaller, repeating pattern can add beauty and interest.





The ceilings in our homes are often overlooked, but they can be a great opportunity to add interest. Wallpaper on the ceiling can create a dramatic contrast with the adjacent walls. It can also help to highlight a beautiful chandelier or other lighting fixture. When done right, a wallpapered ceiling can draw the eye upward and make a room seem either larger or more cozy depending on your preference.


Walk-In Closets

pink-and-silver-damask-walk-in-closet-wallpaperYour walk-in closet is all yours. Your guests may see it when you give them a tour of your home, but for the most part, it’s your personal space. You start every day by going into it to get dressed. Why not dress it up with a patterned wallpaper that makes you happy? It’s a great opportunity to experiment with style. Who knows? You may discover that you want to add splashes of style elsewhere in your home using wallpaper.


Wallpaper can be bold, it can be intricate or it can be understated. When you’re designing your home, don’t be afraid to experiment with it. Wallpaper lets you create styles that can not be equaled by any painting technique. If you’re working with a designer, don’t be scared off if they want to use wallpaper in their design. If you’re creating your own design, keep wallpaper in mind when you want to add interest to a room or a specific spot within a room.



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