Many homeowners find that a renovation is an opportunity not only to update the finishes and  fixtures in their bathroom, it’s also an opportunity to get organized and add some stylish and functional accessories. Maybe you’ve just completed a full renovation of your bathroom and you want to get organized before you move back in. Or, maybe you’ve just had enough of the shampoo bottles strewn about your tub ledge, mismatched towels and ragged bath mat in your existing bath. Either way, make a plan to accessorize to make the room complete.


Start With a Clean Slate

clutterIf you’ve renovated, this won’t be difficult, but a large part of properly accessorizing a bathroom involves organization. Start by getting everything out of your bathroom. (Again, if you’ve completed a renovation, this took place before demolition). Keep only what you need. Many people find shampoos or lotions they forgot that had or haven’t used in months. Throw those out. You won’t miss them and it will make the rest of the process much easier.



Lose the Clutteruncluttered

It sounds repetitive, but now that you have your toiletries, products and necessities pared down to a minimum, if you simply move everything back into the bathroom, you’ll quickly end up with the same mess you had before.  The advantage to clearing everything out of the bathroom is now you can see exactly what needs to be stored away and you can create storage around your specific needs. This can involve larger solutions like adding shelving or a furniture piece, all the way down to jars specifically intended to hold cue tips.


Make Your Towels Part of the Décor

bathroom-towel-storage-ideas-basketsYou may not realize it, but bathroom towels already are part of your décor. Picture clean, plush towels neatly folded, sitting on a shelf or perfectly draped over a towel rack. Now picture drab, old towels in the same position. Which bathroom would you rather walk into? It’s a fact that the towels in a bathroom, from hand towels hung near the sink to extra bath towels hanging on a rack or folded on a shelf can make a bathroom feel like a luxurious spa or a dank, utilitarian space. Towels can be incorporated into your décor and, in some cases, displayed with creative storage solutions.




Choose Your Shower Curtaintraditional-two-tones-shower-curtain-blue-and-white

You probably spent a significant amount of time selecting your bathroom materials, from the size, colour and texture of the tile, to the finish on the fixtures. Now you are about to hang a piece of material approximately 2 meters by 2 meters in front of much of that tile and several of those fixtures. Take the time to find a shower curtain that matches your décor and fits your personal style. The good news is that they are relatively inexpensive and can be replaced on a whim.


Complete the Process

spa-bathroom-with-candles-and-flower-vasesNow you’ve got the necessities taken care of. Everything is neatly stored away or displayed appropriately. This is a good opportunity to look around the room for additional opportunities to accessorize. Be careful not to add clutter back into the space, but if you have some unoccupied counter space that you can add accessories to without them being in the way, go for it. Decorative (or functional) soaps can be arranged on a tray next to the sink. Flowers are a nice touch and they look and smell great. Candles are another good idea. Even if you rarely have the time to take a bath, just the thought of lighting a few candles and slipping into the tub gives your bathroom a spa-like feel.