For a lot of homeowners these days, the excellent design of their bathroom is a must in ensuring its functional value. Making cleanliness a convenient task is no longer the sole goal—it’s imperative that the bathroom also becomes a place of relaxation.

Home renovation companies have their work cut out for them; they make sure to stay updated with trends so they’ll have a better understanding of what their clients particularly want. So if you’re looking for great bathroom design ideas, you can bet that these companies have several that you can get inspiration from. Five great ideas are listed below.

The “open” design – Bathrooms that open into an outdoor space are incredibly popular nowadays. Even small bathrooms look expansive if they have a glass sliding door that allows light in and leads to a much bigger space. A lot of homeowners also like the idea of being able to see out while they’re soaking in their tubs.

The “enclosed but still open” design – The layout for this is very important because there usually are no doors in the bathing area; rather, the strategic placement of the walls provide privacy. This bathroom design doesn’t open to an outdoor space, but usually to a bedroom or walk-in closet. A lot of luxury hotels actually follow this design because it creates an easy flow of movement for users/guests.

The “old world glamour” design – A lot of folks nowadays take inspiration from the glamorous style of old bathrooms with claw-footed bath tubs, big mirrors, tuft chairs, luxurious rugs, ceiling-to-floor drapes, et cetera. This design is particularly ideal for people whose design sensibilities gravitate toward the classics. The really nice thing about this design is that it’s all about the smart layout of the room and careful integration of elements, so even if the bathroom is not that spacious, it’s still possible to implement this design.

The “vintage” design – This is particularly compatible with small bathrooms because it’s concentrated on the space-saving solutions of old such as vintage cupboards, small medicine cabinets, pedestal basins, and stout bathtubs. It generally has that ‘50s to ‘60s feel with its subway tiles, bead board walls, and small windows.

The “sophisticated modern” design – This is all about the newest bathroom elements and the creation of as much space as possible. This design tends to use a lot of glass so lighting (natural, usually) is maximised. Likewise, it often utilises green solutions such as water-saving showerheads, toilets, and sinks.

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